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Beer Filling Monobloc adopts advanced "Secondary Vacuum and High Pressure Bubble Injection" technology to decrease oxygen content and improve the taste of the beer with precise pressure control and automatic defective bottle detection function, final product of beer Filling Machine realizes perfect quality all the time.We have 500BPH 1200BPH 2000BPH 3000BPH small Capacity autoamtic beer filling machine line for you .

Small Automtic Beer Filling Machine Line

How to make small beer filling machine bottling line ?The Whole Line Machine list:1. Bottle offer platform2. Three in one beer filling machine (Washing Filling Capping )3. Tunnel pasteurizer4. Dry machine 5.Date printer 6.Label machine 7.Packing machinebeer filling machines We have different capacity .500 bottles/hour , 1200BPH , 2000BPH , 3000BPH ...we are good beer filling machine manufacturers ,beer best filling is form bottle bottom beer filling machine from bottomIf you need beer filling machine video You can check our beer filling machine youtube in our webe site .Our beer filling machine price is include in production detail .Welcome you visit our factory checking machine quality .

OK  liquid filling machines

OK making many different filling machine such as : beer filling machine / can filling machine / water filling machine / carbonated soft drinking filling machine /sparking water filling machine /juice filling machine /5 gallon barrel water filling machine / shrinking label machine /stick label machine / packing machine / Pallatizer ...

Why choose Ok Machinery


OK Main machine on filling and packing machine

Factory at side of shanghai city , When you come china Easy to visit our factory .OK slogan " Work hard to Making best Filling & Packing machine "Our beer filling machine sent to Japan ,Korea,USA ,Russia ,braizl ...All our Machine With CE , SGS certification .

OK Machine Processing and Machine Parts

OK making all machine use good stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316

As beer filling machine tank use 316 . it's better for beer .OK machine Gear use Japan NSK .Many Mats and other part use Germany igus .Electric PLC , TOUCH SCREEN , INVERTER use Siemens .Air Switch , AC cocontactor all use France Schneider .....

OK Machine Design

The Design is importent for machine .

If machine design is bad , making machine will have many problem .Many OK filing machines design from Tech-long and Germany company .OK pay more money on desing import , Desing is first and very importent work.We also work hard to Research new products to developn company brand .

OK Service

After Sales Service

1. Two years warranty for the whole system .2. equipment installation ,debugging and teach workers .3. We can provide internship service 4. Free production technology and process configuration5. We can help you to design the production line, workshop and provide turn-key project.

 A wide range of applications  of  Ok machinery 

The FAQ about liquid filling machinery

Beer Filling Machine Common Problems Analysis

1.Filling pressure control

Ok beer filling machine is pressure filling machine .normal filling pressure is 0.2 Mpa to 0.38 mPa .If fermentation tank pressure is 0.25 Mpa . the Filling tank Upside Pressure meter adjust 
O.23 Mpa to 0.27 Mpa .the filling tank prepare coming CO2 at 0.20Mpa . high CO2 coming to Filling tank presure at O.23Mpathis way beer easy coming and filling beer at good pressure .

2.Beer filling Temperature 

Beer best filling temperature is at 4 degree . so comming temperture 0-4 degree is best .If temperture is to high beer at filling tank will become to foam .many foam so can't filling .

3.When filling have half bottle beer come out .The problem is the relax pressure part not colse well .when bottle leave filling nozzle many beer come out .

4.when filling nozzle filling is slowly the small mat on small pipe need ajust is up .

because the beer coming and co2 go back to filling tank .

if co2 go back pipe many beer flow down co2 hard go back tank . so filling beer is slowly .

5.CIP washing beer filling tank

washing beer filling tank and beer filling nozzle is hard problem .we design washing cup for beer filling filling washing tank.need down side go into,up side go out.

Water Filling Machine Problems Analysis

1.No Water Filling Into Bottle and level problemthe normal problem is here is no water in water filling tank .other reason , short bottle cap and short bottle neck problem when filling machine take bottle go up , can't open filling nozzle .If filling water level is not same , it's the filling nozzle problem .need change good quality filling nozzle .

2.Water filling machine capping problemafter filling , capping sytem alway making caps broken .some time can't sealing well , this need check or change the cap offer system .

3.bottle water shrinking label problem shrinking label some time cut not at same place .this problem is because the sensor at not right place . and also need adjust the parameter in touch screen .install label pillow is also need good way .if install middle label pillow not well also hard to working .

4.About Complete Line Power Bottle blowing machine power is big , smallest blowing machine power need 35KW Filling machine power need 4.5-5.5KW is small , shrinking label machine need 15-20kw .wrap packing machine need 15KW . so total need near 100KW .some customer at end find this problem .5.About Water bottle Weight Normal bottle water standard weight is 500ml 18g-24g , 750ml 25g-35g, 1.5L 45-50g , 2L 50-55g

Can Filling Machine Problems Analysis

1.Can filling machine have normal pressure filling and pressure filling .normal filling is Gravity filling , normal problem is sealing .sealing have three cans . PET Can sealing , aluminum can Sealing , Iron can sealingthe sealing head parts is important , need use good qualit metal .

2.can sealing problem .If can filling machine can't sealing well, maybe the can type problem .if can shap is not same , so can't sealing very well . If can all same need adjust can sealing roll .

3.can label problem .some customer making many different brand can beverage .we sugget use shrinking label machine . so you just change shrining label is ok .if you print different label at can offer company , will pay more money and wast time .

Liquid filling machine solution

We according to the customer's actual situation to make corresponding solutions

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