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Automatic Bottle Case Filling Packer Line

Automatic Bottle Case Filling Packer Line

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Automatic Bottle Case Filling Packer Line
bottle case packer machine is a new type of packing machine developed by our company according to market demand.The packing machine can be applied to all kinds of small and medium-sized production line, the relatively large servo packing machine, the machine packing machine, etc., not only can also be applied to various bottles, cans, bags and other products, the most important is that it has the high stability of the servo packing machines and other large packing equipment, and the price is much lower, so, for the production enterprises to reduce the cost a lot of.For small and medium-sized enterprises, this packing machine is a powerful tool to reduce labor force and improve production efficiency.
Using high speed distribution device packaging a variety of containers, packaging plastic flat bottle, round bottle, irregular bottles, various size of glass bottle, round, oval, square cans and paper cans, etc, and also with partition is suitable for packing.By bottle clamp (built-in rubber, in case damage bottles) clamp body, into the open carton, when catch looked up, will discharge, sent to the sealing machine, the packing machine adopts P.L.C + touch screen control.It is equipped with the alarm stop for missing bottle, no safety device for unpacking bottle.The rocker arm packing machine is convenient to operate, manage and reduce the production staff and labor intensity.
The rocker arm packing machine can automatically arrange the products according to the packing requirements.
The rocker arm packing machine is novel in design and compact in structure.
Rocker arm type packing machine is applicable to a wide range of products.
The rocker arm type packing machine is especially suitable for supporting the packaging line and easy to move.
Rocker arm packing machine computer program control, simple operation, stable movement.
Suitable for automatic packing of bottle, box, bag and bucket series.
Machine model single column packing machine
Power supply/power 220V/380V 50/60hz 3.5kw
Applicable product plastic bottle;Glass bottle;Cans;Soft bag;Carton etc.
Packing speed: 4-6 cases/min.Double 8-12 cases/min
Use 6-7kg air source
Machine size: 1500*2000*2300mm


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