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Automatic Stacker crane/Hacking Machine/Palletizing Line

Automatic Stacker crane/Hacking Machine/Palletizing Line

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Automatic Stacker crane/Hacking Machine/Palletizing Line
Palletizer is the carton that has been loaded into the container, according to a certain arrangement code on the tray, automatic stacking, can be stacked with multiple layers, and then launched, easy to ship forklift to the warehouse storage. This equipment uses PLC+ touch screen control, to achieve intelligent operation Management, simple, easy to master. It can greatly reduce labor personnel and reduce labor intensity. The use of high-speed, smooth, space-saving concept design. The use of separate stripping, faster, more space-saving. One machine multi-use, quick adjustment, do not have to replace stacked products and worry. Scope of application: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, barrel packaging, bag-shaped packaging.

Machine parameter :
Power 380V  50/60HZ  3.5KW
Suitable plate L1200*W1200mm
Speed 10-14plates/h,70boxes/plate
Palletize Height < 2000mm
Machine Size 7300*4100*3300mm

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