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6000-8000 GF24-8 Rotary olive oil filling machine

Rotary oil filling machine 24-8 (6000-8000)
Capacity: 6000-8000BPH 1L / 4000-5000BPH 5L
Machine Power: 7KW
Machine Size: 2400x2100x2350mm

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          6000-8000 GF24-8 Rotary olive oil filling machine

Main performance parameters:
Suitable range: 250ml-1L
Production capacity: 6000-7000 bottles/hour
1. Material bottled: jams, chilli paste, sauces, cooking oil and other high viscosity liquids
2. Capacity: 1000ml 6000BPH
3. Bottle Type: round bottle diameter: Φ60-140mm
Height: 100-340mm(L x W x H) flat
4. Diameter of bottle opening: ≥φ25mm
5. Filling range: 250-1000ml
6. Precision: (200ml) ±1%; (200ml-1000ml)±0.5%
7. Air pressure: 0.6~0.8 MPA
8. Air consumption: 120L/minute
9. Power Source: ~380V, 50HZ
10. Power: 4.5KW
11. Production line height: 900mm±50mm
12. Bottle feeding direction: From left to right

                                     24-8 rotary oilve oil filling machine


               GF24-8 Rotary 6000-8000BPH olive oil filling machine video

1. Only three people (one operator, two assistants) are needed to operate this production line.
2. Oil filling machine is precise with a high qualified rate. Production capacity can be increased by up to 30%.
3. Double-sided self-adhesive labeling machine processes round and flat bottles.
4. Falling style packaging machine can process small quantities of heavier bottles that other machines can't.
5. The automatic carton opening and sealing machines are easy to operate and speed up production.


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24-8 rotary oilve oil filling machine video

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