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overflow liquid filling nozzle / Gavity filling Valve / water filling nozzle

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Over Flow liquid Filling Nozzle/Gavity filling Valve

Model : OK01

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water filling nozzle


step 1 containers enter and are aligned under the filling nozzles
step2 the nozzles are lowered into the containers , rubber washers seal the containers
closed. the springs compress exposing the nozzle tips .
step 3  the filling cycle starts and the pump begins filling the containers
step 4  when the liquid levels reach the botoom of the outer nozzle tubes
the excess fluid is redirected up between the nozzle outer tubers and innner
tubes and then back to the filler's oveflow tank .
step 5  nozzles are retracted allowing the operator to move the containers out of the fill area .

overflow liquid filling nozzle 

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liquid filling nozzle design

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gravity filling nozzles

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overflow filler nozzles

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Model OK01 water filling nozzle video

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OK01 bottle filling nozzle